Terms of Service & Use

These terms governs "our" 'Us', SoRepairIt.com and "your" 'you' anyone reading this document on-screen or in print seeking to engage our services or seeking to access our website for the purpose of;

  1. Conducting Business with Us
  2. Hiring us or seeking to engage our services
  3. Working for us, worked for us or seek to work for us as a Freelancer, Technician, Supplier, Contractor or Third Party service referer/provider or anyone seeking job in our offices for Graduate Administrative roles.
  4. Informational Purposes or Research
  5. Casual surfer breezing through websites looking for anything interesting
  6. Government staff working in a government agency or institute seeking to understand our business model or mode of operation(s)
  7. or third party user, refered here by another website
  8. and, or, anyone visiting our website or viewing this page for any purpose herein stated or not.

That your use of this website and or any of the above stated is based solely on the following:

  1. As is basis, where;
    1. We do not endorse nor indicate any affiliation nor guarantee any service provider listed here; in person, as in an individual or a company, sole or corporate - either implied by suggestion or assumed by inference.
    2. That our services are based on first come first served basis

    3. Affiliations
    4. That except boldly indicated, we do not sell nor represent any OEM, service provider - an individual or organization - neither are we affiliated with any organization, agency or third party consultants - producing, manufacturing, developing, importing, exporting or dealing in any item of any nature that relates or does not relate to our business offerings. Such includes Payment Providers, whose logo's will be boldly printed against any function they control and manage on our website or organization, this includes and is not limited to POS machines, online payments or cash payments at any location other than our published business address(es) an example is/are the address(es) boldly printed on our website footer.

    Corporate Brand
  2. That all calls to and from our business originates and terminates with the following numbers: 0814 800 0095, 0814 800 0096, 0814 800 0097, 0814 800 0099 and 0700 800 0099.
  3. That all transactions conducted with us must be backed by a unique Transaction Number mostly refered as "Job ID", "Job Number", "RepairID", or "Job Code".
  4. That while most of our advertorials will claim "We Repair Everything" we do not guarantee to "Repair Everything", however we repair most things, those expressely advertised on our home page or other sections of our website.

  5. Supply Liabilities
  6. That 'Our' supply business is based solely on availability.
  7. That we communicate and advertise availability at all times, to which we can not take responsibility for a sudden unavailability occassioned by a sudden spike in demand or an apparent scarcity or any act(s) of nature outside our control including accidents, earthquakes, thunderstorms or heat blaze among others.

  8. Holding Repair Items
  9. That we do not hold any customer's item for anything longer than 14 days. Customers whose items are with us for any period longer than 14days except as a result of a delay in repair occassioned by unavailability of material, scarcity of material or technical slow down occassioned by a lack of skilled manpower and the time frame needed to verify one; must be claimed by the customer within 7 days of notification - which may come in any form not limited to Telephone Call, SMS, Email. Else, the same shall be held in safe custody on the grounds of a demurrage of nothing less than N100/day until claimed.
  10. Where no item is claimed after a period of 45 days after demurrage charges are applied, or an advertisement/notification for claim has been communicated, the owner of such item forfeits the right of ownership on the following condition(s) where;
    1. The demurrage surpases the value of the item as is
    2. The customer is yet to pay for replacement parts used in repairing the item and thus both monies owed to us and demurrage exceeds the value of the item;
    3. The customer does not request in writing that the item be stored longer either as a result of unavailability or medical emergency
  11. This being the case, we shall proceed to sell any of the item regardless of it's value to reclaim any/all of our losses incurred by us both in holding and in service rendering.

  12. Payments
  13. All "payments" made on our website are provided by our payment provider(s), which is/are; Paystack.com, or our Bankers Fidelity Bank, Zenith Bank (POS- Receipt Stardom Quest Global Services Nigeria Limited) and FCMB (POS: Texas Lounge). Any payment(s) made online and not verifiable on our administrative backend or by statement print-out on/by any of our payment provider's dashboard will be considered a non-payment. Thus, declaring that we did not receive the money.

  14. Job Validity
  15. Customer/User shall not lure any of our technician to their own purposes and our technicians/freelancers and staff are legally bound not to contact a customer outside the scope of work where there is a job number or there is a relationship to the work we do at soRepairIt.com. Jobs not handled by us or not having a valid job number with a date posted timestamp are explicitly not our responsibility. Hence, we will not provide any support or claim any responsibility to the said job whether or not the job is handled by a freelancer or Technician or anyone there it may be who claims or purposes to originate from us.

  16. Logo
  17. Logo; you may freely use our logo for any purpose except;
    1. Claim any affiliation with our brand except where there is a contract defining same
    2. Marketing purposes for your benefit - corporate or individual where we do not make any profit from your effort
    3. Libel or wrongful claim about our business

    Notice of Changes
  18. We will not notify you when these terms changes in any form, however we will upload changes to these/this terms to this page, hence we advise you to visit this page from time to time to see if there are any changes.

Updated in Lagos, Nigeria. 9th February, 2017

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SoRepairIt.com is Nigeria's premium service based company, specialized in Repairs, Errands and Employment Outsourcing. We cater for individuals looking to hire anything from a barber to a maid or for small businesses looking to employ skilled and unskilled staff. Our work also covers repairs, installation and maintenance of everything from Mobile Phones to Furniture. Our network spans Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and expanding to Owerri, Enugu and Asaba.

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Our pricing is moderate and transparent. We charge a commission on outsourcing and also charge moderately for repair jobs. Our invoicing is transparent and is hosted in the cloud with option to print or download for your records.


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