Guarantee Policy

Our "Guarantee" or "Guaranty" or "Warranty"; herein after - reffered as "Guaranty" is thus defined to mean as follows:

Parts & Labour

Our Guaranty protects our customers from any defect, (meaning failed repair, repeat fault after repair) to any repair we conduct at our offices or at the customer's location(s) where the customer and our "Technician or registered Freelancer" and our 'Administrative' staff have both agreed that a Guaranty is applicable on the job where;

    1. The customer has acquired a "Job No" or "Repair ID" or "Job Code" either electronically or in person/by phone.
    2. The customer and service technician and our administrative office have a clear understanding of the fault that is being repaired.
    3. The customer has paid all fees and charges on the job including our Service Fee or any other penalties applied on the job either for late payment, demurrage or as may be deem appropriate, agreed upon by the customer and our administrative staff.
    4. The customer has received the item from us after repairs and;
      1. The customer has tested the item and seen it to be in the same condition as it was previously sent in
      2. The customer and our administrative staff have both confirmed that the job was not properly done
      3. The customer has proof of payment eg. Electronic Receipt of payment
      4. The fault of the item is not a "New fault" outside the one the customer reported to our office. Example: In rare cases, most Airconditioners, after being serviced either develop an issue with the compressor or fan - where a change is pertinent.
      5. The customer has a valid warranty receipt.
    5. The customer has not been in possesion of the item repaired longer than 7 days before reporting the fault.
    6. The customer has not removed any safety packaging or safety measure placed by "US" or the manufacturers casing deliberately left for the purpose of allowing the customer to test and confirm the repairs, eg. screen stickers etc.

    In this understanding and where these conditions are met, we pledge to;

    1. Repair the item
    2. Purchase any replacement materials
    3. Bear the cost of the labour incurred on the job
    4. Without putting any cost to the customer


    All "Guaranty/Guarantee/Warranty" is null and void if;

    1. The customer has not observed any fault within 7 days and reported the same to us.
    2. The customer has not reported the full fault to us but compelled our technician to undertake the repair outside the fault he/she reported
    3. The customer does not have a valid job number tied to the job
    4. The time after the repair was concluded has exceeded 7 calander days from the day the repeat fault was claimed to have been observed by the customer
    5. The customer cannot provide the hard copy warranty receipt or sticker.

    Updated in Lagos, Nigeria. 9th February, 2017

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