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Sorepairit.com is a spin off of Slotjobs.com. A micro-job site targetting skilled artisans.

Exit Slotjobs.com

Our project initially started as a Value Added Service to customers on Slotjobs.com. Customers hiring on Slotjobs.com would ask us to verify the skill and bills of the technicians they hire on the website. It appeared that, since there were no regulations, the skilled artisans charged either too high, or did a terrible job.

Sorepairit started when we discovered that local skilled artisans need to be properly regulated. As there are no government regulations (license to practice etc) governing the operations of skilled artisans in Nigeria, hence outsourcing to skilled artisans is almost as inconceivable as holding a lion by the tail.

Upon reaching that realization, the founder and CEO Mr. Joseph Nwudu went back to the drawing board to figure out how to service the market that he discovered.

Enter Sorepairit

SoRepairit.com started operations in January of 2016 at our VI office on Sanusi Fafunwa Street. Initially test marketing with a few close friends and early adopters. Our foray into the real world proved that average skilled technician in Nigeria requires double vetting both for expertise and sincerity.

We spent a greater part of our early months organizing training seminars and symposiums and eventually decided to own our own training institute, where we retain all our technicians on modern practices and technological advancement.

We've since grown to a customer base of over 2,000 repeat customers and have equally openned shop in more locations to target a wider customer base.

Initial Funding

SoRepairit.com is self funded by the CEO and an angel Investor, Ms Beth Hill Skinner of Out of the Box International, Riverside California. Beth heard about our company when she visited Ghana in 2015 and met with the CEO in an Economic Forum organized by the DFID in Accra. Upon hearing about the idea, Beth encouraged the CEO to develop the product (the slotjobs.com) and to find and define the market for the brand. The CEO did the work asked of him in 6 months when we realized the need to directly service the market.

So far, SoRepairIt has enjoyed funding in excess of USD$200,000 from the CEO and from Beth Hill.

Growth Projection

SoRepairIt.com is earnestly seeking investors to help move the product to a more stable platform that can help reach a wider market share in and around Sub-Saharan Africa. The demand for quality services is a general problem in Nigeria with a serviceable market exceeding 20 million people.

Our plan is to re-train more skilled professionals, re-certify skilled artisans and also provide corporate guarantee to everything repairs in Nigeria.

In the future, our vision is, if it is not SoRepairIt.com, no home owner will hire technician's to do any task - except there is the logo and guarantee of sorepairit.com.


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Get Help when you need it!

SoRepairIt.com is Nigeria's premium service based company, specialized in Repairs, Errands and Employment Outsourcing. We cater for individuals looking to hire anything from a barber to a maid or for small businesses looking to employ skilled and unskilled staff. Our work also covers repairs, installation and maintenance of everything from Mobile Phones to Furniture. Our network spans Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt and expanding to Owerri, Enugu and Asaba.

Moderate Pricing

Our pricing is moderate and transparent. We charge a commission on outsourcing and also charge moderately for repair jobs. Our invoicing is transparent and is hosted in the cloud with option to print or download for your records.


Customer Care Team:
Plot 1439 Sanusi Fafunwa Street Victoria Island Lagos (Inside SoRepairIt.com)

Technical Workshop:
Frank Ojabi Close, Checkpoint Bus-Stop
Beside Peace Estate

Pickup and Delivery Services available

Gbosh.com: Pay for food ingredients on Delivery. POS payments accepted


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